Jun 12, 2012

Costs of Shooting

In a post noting some deals running local to him, Linoge tosses out this gem:
Unfortunately, it is not the range fee that is the expensive part any more.
Sad but true. I said about the same thing this morning:
I don't have the ammo budget to blow five cases of centerfire anything in a year
There's a reason I'm shooting a lot of .22. I was doing the math on the way home from the range last night. If I stick to my promise of 100 rounds of .22 and a magazine of centerfire every week, that's 5200 rounds of .22 and 520 rounds of centerfire. For the sake of round numbers, we'll say 5000 and 500.

5000 rounds of .22 is ten bricks, at $20 a pop. 200 bucks a year.

500 rounds of centerfire - even of white box 9mm - is $125. .40 or .45 or .223 will push that closer to $180.

A round trip to the range is almost exactly a gallon of gas, or $4 ... so $200 in gas for the year.

My range membership is $60 a year.

Ten times as much for ammo and gas as I'll spend on the membership. Ouch.


agirlandhergun said...

It is crazy! I am fortunate that a good deal of my ammo is supplied by my employer, but my husband's isn't:(

Linoge said...

And that is why I am not sure if I even go to the range 10 times in a year... A fun day's worth of shooting simply costs too much money these days, much though I wish it did not.

Old NFO said...

Yep, that is the 'new' reality... sigh