Jun 15, 2010

Bad Gun Nut...

... no cookie*.

I've had that lovely new heater in my safe since last week, and have yet to get it to the range.

A small part of it might be due to the fact that I've spent the last four consecutive days up and down ladders to my roof, stripping off the old one and laying down a new one.

Friday: 0730-2115
Saturday: 0730-? (The day was a blur - it got so hot and humid that the contractor and I both knocked off early afternoon and both of us got sick that night.)
Sunday: 1200-1900 (Rain all morning.)
Monday: 0730-1430, 1600-1930 (Rain interruption.)
Today: he should be here within the hour and we're going to shingle another section.

Better than 60% of the shingles we bought have been applied. There is one section that's about 10x29 that we haven't touched yet, and the kitchen roof (two 16x8 surfaces with two skylights) has been covered with ice-and-water underlay but no shingles yet. We'll be shingling at least half of that tonight.

It's been an interesting experience. I *detest* heights without a rail. One story roof? Tolerable. Two stories? Depends on the pitch. The above-referenced 10x29 is a two story roof above a grade, so it's better than 20 feet from eave to ground... and it's probably an 8- or 9-12 pitch with nothing to hang on to. I'm probably going to suggest to the contractor that he hire a hand for a day to do that piece. I'll carry stuff up and down to him, no problem, but on and off the roof and working on the slope won't turn out well for me.

* - as a slight cookie, I did order a holster for the new gun, from the gentleman who owns Lobo Gunleather. He's a fellow S&W Forum member, and looks to do some grade-A work, particularly for the price. I ordered the IWB with two sets of loops (1.25 and 1.5 inch) and a 7-shot dump pouch, in cordovan. $80 shipped. Folks tell me to expect a 3-5 week wait. Phenomenal!

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