Jun 22, 2010

Brain Dump

At work last night, we received and put out a BOLO for a murder suspect from a couple counties over. The story is in today's paper.

25-year-old mother and her 3-month-old infant son stabbed to death. She had a protective order against the killer. She called 911 when he showed up at the house. They arrived and found bodies.

Many of the gun bloggers lambaste the Brady Bunch for "dancing in the blood" when a scumbag uses a gun to kill someone. I'm conflicted when I find us wrapping ourselves in the bloody mantle of righteousness and say, "If she had a gun, she'd be alive."

Miss Clayton may have had a hell of a lot better chance with a gun, no doubt... but that's not what this is about. Send a good thought, a quiet prayer, light a candle - whatever you do - for an innocent woman and infant murdered in cold blood. These things shouldn't happen.


I read through a "news" piece somewhere recently about gun laws. Typical MSM nonsense, predictable commentary. One comment, though, stuck out, and I paraphrase: "I hate guns. My [relative] was killed by a gun."

Your relative was not killed BY a gun. Your relative was killed BY a scumbag who USED a gun. You cannot blame the tool for the action. We sing the praises of Michelangelo (the Renaissance artist), not his paintbrush or chisel.


Over at Second City Cop, there is a post noting the rumored loss of their 100-round-per-year practice ammo allotment. If you read comments on other posts, you'll note a theme of frustration and just trying to stay out of the line of fire, but this sums it up:

I am in some serious self-protective mode out there. My intention each day is just to get to the end of my tour unscathed and untouched by scandal or the possibility of added liability through arrest etc.

You have to be damn insane now to go put your hands on someone and put them in jail. Won't happen with me, this police career is over, finito, done. The paychecks will continue for a few more years however, just like before, just a lot less stress.

What have we done to our officers when they are more afraid of doing their job than they are of not doing it?


I had an inquiry on the Bersa last week, which I replied to. The seller didn't get back to me. I got six emails from him this evening, roughly summarized to, "I'm still interested, let me know." I wrote back yet again, and asked him where he was, and to confirm that he has a New York pistol permit. He replied to this one.

to answer your question my main residence is Queens and my summer home is right outside Hunter Mountain in upstate N.Y. I just finished filling out the gun permit form because Queens is still considered to be the same as "the city", they take 6 months to hand you a permit unless you know someone. I have seen your listing if you still havent sold your Bersa and you would consider me I would like to outbid anyone else if it is as good as it looks,and performs and if we do a complete private sale including your copy to have my fingerprints,my copy having yours and notarized. Everything that would ensure neither of us breaking the law. In the meantime the firearm can stay in my family summer home. Thanks


The list of idiocies here is staggering.
(1) Main residence is Queens. Queens is one of the Five Boroughs. It is New York City, not "considered to be the same as".
(2) New York City does not issue carry permits unless you have (a) money or (b) connections. They VERY OCCASIONALLY will issue a "premise" permit - but I guarantee it takes longer than six months.
(3) The firearm can not stay at your family summer home until you have a NY pistol permit. You would be guilty of violating Section 265.01 of NYSPL, "Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the 4th degree" - a Class A misdemeanor. *I* would be violating Section 265.11, "Criminal Sale of a Firearm in the 3rd degree", which is a Class D felony, thereby eliminating ALL of my firearms and several other civil rights that I rather enjoy. Like doors that I can unlock, access to alcohol and tobacco, voting, and an un-stretched rectum.
(4) Fingerprints on a bill of sale? What crack are you smoking?
(5) It's not a frickin' auction, Skippy. It's "for sale". Prix fixe.

I've got some acquaintances in NYPD. I'll be passing along this character's info.


Weer'd Beard said...

"Many of the gun bloggers lambaste the Brady Bunch for "dancing in the blood" when a scumbag uses a gun to kill someone. I'm conflicted when I find us wrapping ourselves in the bloody mantle of righteousness and say, "If she had a gun, she'd be alive."

I'm not conflicted. Her chances may not have been better, but they sure wouldn't have been WORSE. That's as far as I will go.

What I WILL do is rub the anti-rights jerk's noses in their little "Gun Death" statistic they always use.

This was a "Good Murder" in the eyes of those who want to take our rights away. That is so disgusting and we should expose them for what they are!

Tango said...

You stated that you knew some people in positions of authority and that you would be turning the attempted gun buyer in. Why? It sounds like you support the gun-control laws. Is it illegal for you to not report the attempted sale? If not, then let it go. At the least, the gun grabbers will go "See what our laws have captured? This man was prevented a sale because of us where he would have murdered people with it."

Could be wrong, but it sounds like he simply didn't fully understand the laws. Either way, he said he would be keeping it in upstate New York until the pistol permit passed through.

Me, personally, if I can find a way to circumvent the gun control laws without breaking them, I will absolutely go out of my way to do it.

Here in Utah, the burden is that the seller must have no reason to believe the buyer is a felon. That's it. Paying cash in the trunk of a fellow's trunk for an 92 round holding semi-automatic plane-shooter-downer with the shoulder thing that goes up? No problem.