Jun 19, 2010


I've had some thoughts kicking around in the back of my head about tweaks and mods I'd like to make on several of my guns. Some minor, some major. The next step is to find the fundage, prioritize, and start doing this stuff - while continuing to grow the collection.

What mods, you ask?
By item:
Savage .17 - new stock (laminate thumbhole, possibly wide fore-end), new scope
AR - swap A2 upper for A4 upper, add scope
870 20ga - put on youth or adjustable stock, run it through a couple hundred rounds to work in the action
28-2 - convert to round butt, red insert in front sight, refinish to mirror blue
242 - magna stocks, tritium front sight
5946 - night sights, Hogue stocks

I'm sure there's more, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment. And before someone screams "heretic" for doing major mods to a 28-2, it's already been tinkered with (nickel finish), and they are not uncommon guns.

In the vein of growing the collection, I've reached the point (financially speaking) where I'm getting picky about what I buy. I still appreciate utilitarian, but I can also start looking for utility with nice touches... instead of a Willys Jeep, I'm looking for a Humvee with leather. :-) The basics are covered, now I can look for luxury.

On the list of guns to acquire:
- a semi-auto 12ga. Likely an 11-87 or 1100.
- a double-barrel 20ga. I'm very interested in the Stevens 612 but want to put hands on one.
- a better bolt-action large-game rifle. .270. Probably the Savage 114 "American Classic".
- a dedicated target rifle in .223. Savage Model 12 is a leading candidate.
- a polymer bottom feeder. XD9 or M&P9 are the likely options, but I'd consider a .45 as well.
- a S&W .22 wheelie
- an NAA Mini
- finish an AR into a tacticool M4gery (VFG, light, optic)
- S&W 296 (because I have to have the big brother to the 242!)
- correct Ithaca 1911A1 *GRAIL GUN*

Doubtless, some of these will be things I trade for, in part or in full. To that end, I've picked up inexpensive things to keep around as trade fodder/sweeteners.

I also need to get around to buying and setting up a progressive reloading press - when a 45-minute range trip can burn 100 rounds of .38 without rushing, doing it single-stage gets old.

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