Jun 27, 2010

Gun safe, part 2

After a very little bit of fiddling with the cracked shelf, and a judicious application of Elmer's Wood Glue, the safe is back together and should be fine. A stop at Home Depot yielded some extra shelf brackets, and more important, an LED rope light.

The safe has a handy-dandy "electric pass through" - fancy talk for "an outlet in the safe" so the lights and a Golden Rod Dehumidifier can be installed without trying to drill through a safe wall.

I installed the lights this afternoon, and they work wonderfully. Best of all, they're cool enough and low-draw enough that I don't feel the least bit concerned or guilty about leaving them on all the time.

Here's what it looks like with the door closed (note golf bag/clubs on right for scale):

And door open, with the lights in place:

I'll be ordering a GoldenRod soon, installing that, and then cleaning up the wiring so the bottom space is functional.


Borepatch said...


Bob S. said...

Want --the safe and what's in the safe!!

Looks great.

Never thought of using rope lights in a safe, that is a great idea I'll cheerfully steal.

ZerCool said...

You can't have it, it's all mine! MINE!

I'd like to say that the rope lights were my own idea, but they weren't; I did some digging for safe lighting ideas and that seemed the best option to me. I didn't like the look of umpty-odd small lights and wires all over the place, and don't need accent lighting to highlight particular pieces... :-)