Jun 21, 2010

"A lot for a one gun sale"

As regular readers know, I've been looking to sell my Bersa .380 with goodies. I've posted it hither and yon looking for a taker, so far unsuccessfully.

I posted it on Armslist, and got this email today:

Him: "will you sell a box of ammo" [sic]

Me: "I would sell ammo separately if someone wanted the pistol without it, but not otherwise. .380 is so hard to find that I wouldn't bother trying to sell a gun without it."

He replied: "thanks any way i just thought you might sell a box seems like you have a lot for a one gun sale" [sic]

I've listed the gun with ~280 rounds of 95gr WWB FMJ range ammo and one 25-round box of Hornady Critical Defense. I don't think that's excessive by any means. If you practice with your CCW every time you go to the range (and you should), 280 rounds would be 40 full magazines. IMHO, that's enough for about 20 range trips, or a six-month supply of practice ammo. With .380 as hard to find as it is, if I were in the market to buy one I'd be scrambling to find as much as I could.

If you're going to carry, you have to practice.

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