Jun 16, 2010

Range Report: 67, 242, 642

I decided to steal an hour of free time today and go to the range. Not a long trip, not taking oodles of guns, but some smoke and noise.

I decided to make it a .38 day. I took the 67, 242, and 642, and the 22/45 because it always goes.

It was an enlightening day.

67 is, as always, pleasant to shoot and phenomenally accurate. 50-foot double-action and I can pretty much chew the center 3" out of the target.

642 continues to impress me. It fits my hands just right, points naturally, and is nearly as accurate as the 67. Worked on some draw-and-fire from my holster, which I haven't practiced nearly enough. The first shot is kinda slow but they all stay center-mass. Tried a cylinder with the range lights off and using my EDC flashlight for illumination. 4/5 center-mass, one off-paper, and the light isn't bright enough to be effective until about 6-7 yards. Then I tried the old IDPA trick of "shooting while moving"... not so pretty. I think I got one on the paper. More practice necessary!

242... It's got potential. I don't like the sights - the black blade just disappears too easily. Another reason to replace it with a tritium dot. The grips are horrid. I knew they didn't feel right, but actually shooting the gun emphasized it. My pinky is kind of half-on/half-off the butt, and it doesn't point right at all. I felt like I was forcing the sights to the target all the time. Definitely time to find some L-round magnas or maybe some boots. Anything without the fake Tyler-T. Aside from those quibbles, the gun is eminently shootable and should be a great carry piece. Sorry, Jay. :-)

Six or eight mags through the 22/45 for cheap fun, and two boxes of .38 later, I was in a MUCH better mood... and now I've got a couple guns to get cleaned up.

No pictures of targets because they weren't anything worth bragging about.

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