Apr 16, 2011

BAG day

BAG day was yesterday.

I considered buying something - anything - just to say I had. Then I realized that really defeats the whole point of the matter.

Without getting into specifics, I have handguns in minor and major calibers, I have rifles from tiny rimfire to mid-bore centerfire, and I have shotguns in the more popular gauges.

I certainly don't have ALL the guns I would ever want. I want a 5.56x45 carbine. I would like to replace my .357 that went down the road two months back (perhaps with a pony). I'd like a large-bore rifle of some kind. I'd like a less-common-gauge shotgun (28ga, I'm looking at you).

However, the reality is, I have what could be (is) considered by many to be a complete collection of firearms. (Rimfire rifle and pistol, centerfire bolt gun, centerfire semi-auto, pump shotgun.) Anything I'm likely to acquire in the future is going to fill a particular desire, not a hole in the safe.

So I didn't buy a gun yesterday. I did buy a miter saw. :-)

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Old NFO said...

At least you bought SOMETHING :-)