Apr 20, 2011

Barn, Baby Steps (1)

The weather has decided to un-cooperate with me. I got all my building materials (less shingles) last week and promptly started digging the footers and working on leveling them.

In the process, I fell in the pasture, and banged my shoulder/chest on the wheelbarrow handle on the way down. It hurt - a lot. Enough that I only dug out a couple more holes before I said "heck with this!"

Since then, either I've been working or the weather has been lousy. The last day or so has been in the high 30s and low 40s with rain - miserable weather for ANY kind of outdoor work.

But since I promised to photo-document the process, here we go...

Here's the basic site:

The goats have been in that little lean-to for almost two years, and it's beginning to show its age - no surprise, since it's untreated OSB and KD studs. I'll be happy to have that eyesore out of the way.


The rough outline of the footers - just inside the 12x12 final dimensions. Marking out footers proved interesting, as the stupid goat kept plucking my survey flags and wandering off with them.


This is (should be) the tallest footer... I hope.


Gratuitous dog shot; she enjoyed the sun while I dug holes. Lazy mutt.

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