Apr 9, 2011


In what may be his longest post ever - regarding an eight-year-old who was pepper-sprayed by police - is this gem:
Time for the parents to be parents and unfuck this potential terror before he does some real damage.

Ambulance Driver refers to the presenting symptoms as "Chronic Hickory Deficiency".

I'm not a parent - at least, not anymore, yet. (I cohabited with a woman who had three kids from a prior marriage - I think that gives my opinions SOME validity.)

It's not about beating your children - AD's diagnosis is tongue-in-cheek, natch - it's about teaching them the difference between right and wrong, by example, and by correction as necessary. Corporal Punishment DOES have a place in parenting - but not as the only method of discipline.

Children are, by and large, a whole hell of a lot smarter than many people want to give them credit for. Treating them as such will help them turn into polite, productive, smart adults.


Old NFO said...

Good point... and hickory DOES work too :-)

Anonymous said...

What a nutty story. It doesn't sound as though the kid is irredeemable, just largely uncontrolled. Someone needs to teach him some control, because in a few years, he's going to be bigger, and the cops who respond to one of his temper tantrums won't think to themselves "Hm, he's just a little kid" before they taser him or shoot him.