Apr 5, 2011

Tech again, work some more

Wirefly - not recommended. Incompetent customer service. I ordered a Galaxy Tab from them over the weekend, and they needed the PIN for my Verizon account in order to activate it. I went by the Verizon kiosk and set one up, called Wirefly and gave them the information, and was told my order was going to shipping. Then I got an email that they needed the PIN, so I punched it into their site. Thirty minutes later I got a call that they still needed the PIN.

An hour later I clicked the "order status" link, and it had been switched to "cancelled". I started by emailing them, then tried the "live chat" link.

Chat Monkey 1 took all my info and promptly kicked me up to "Specialized Team". Chat Monkey 2 basically told me, "Too bad, so sad." Their reason for canceling the order - without ever talking to me - was that they were unable to verify my shipping address.

(1) Their order form ONLY had a space for a shipping address (NO PO BOXES!), not for a billing address. (My bills go to a PO Box.)
(2) They told me the problem was with my credit card company - except that I know for a fact that the company has BOTH my mailbox and street address as approved addresses, and EVERY merchant I've ordered from has been able to send to one or the other.

I had a (3), but now I don't.

In any case - "we can't fix it and we don't care".

Worked BBHIS last night, spent the evening on register. Pretty slow; learned that Timberlands are NOT a good option if you're going to be standing in one place on concrete all night. Further research required.

Only working the Day Job for the next two days, then day shift at BBHIS.


Old NFO said...

Look at Rocky's or HItech boots...

Ruth said...

cheap thick soled tennis shoes. Cheap because they'll wear out quick on concrete, and thick because you'll need them.

If you need work books (you said you were going to be in building materials if I recall) then make a point going to a place that knows their boots and tell them you're going to be standing/walking on concrete for 8hrs straight and have them recommend.

Ruth said...

Boots not books!