Apr 29, 2011

Show quick notes

First, this thing is huge. I think I've seen it all and then turn a corner and find a whole new area I haven't seen.

Most of the exhibits are happy to answer any questions I've had - with special thanks to Tactical Solutions for several tips on tearing down and reassembling my 22/45.

A moderate dart at Silver Stag knives, whose representative seemed horribly offended that I'd never heard of their product line - admittedly beautiful stag-handled knives.

Nothing truly revolutionary has caught my eye, but lots of nice evolutions. The Ruger SR1911looks great, as does the Kimber Solo Carry. Chiappa has some nice new single-action rimfires and cowboy guns.

Remington: VersaMax is gorgeous. Want. The centennial R1911, however, is a pig. With lipstick. Ugly grips that are actually painful to hold, and engraving that seems like an afterthought.

More later, and pictures!

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