Apr 10, 2011


Carteach0 has a destructive test of safety glasses up on his blog. It's worth a read, and a good reminder. I'm not as particular about adding safety glasses when I shoot because I wear eyeglasses, and finding a decent pair of safety glasses is harder for me. I am pretty particular about wearing a hat of some kind and keeping the brim pulled down to keep stray brass etc from dropping in.

I've heard good things about RX-Safety (not making it hot, I haven't dealt with them yet) and need to look into getting some 'scrip safety glasses. I may just talk to my optometrist to see what he can do as well.

As a side note, many power tools now come with a set of inexpensive but ANSI-rated safety glasses in the box. I've got several pairs of Dewalt glasses (similar to these) kicking around. There's ALWAYS a pair or two in the range bag for someone who doesn't have them, and a few more floating around the house in strategic places - near the tool board, in the tool box, etc.

You can't buy new eyes - take care of them.

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