Apr 22, 2011

Chicks with guns

Uncle tends to post a lot of these, but he's all-linky-no-thinky. ;-)

This is my own hardware, my own models. Sure, Oleg has nicer guns and hotter chicks, but so what?

I still have chicks with guns!




RobertM said...

OMG RULE 2!!!!!!11

I kid, I kid.

bluesun said...

Expect this to be a new top Google-search-entered-page-that-isn't-what-the-searcher-was-really-looking-for.

ZerCool said...

Blue - Oh no! I never considered that possibility! I might have hordes of angry commenters, duped by their own search for Oleg's work! :-D

Old NFO said...

LOL- Yeah, gonna get some google hits off that one :-)