Apr 24, 2011


It's odd. I've lived in eight or nine different places since I stopped living with mom and dad, and I've never had the JW's show up on my door until we bought the house. We've been there almost two years and there've been at least two sets knocking.

The last pair, however, really surprised me.

I'm used to the clean-cut young white males. They're well-spoken, not pushy, and polite. They ask to spread the Word of God, and I make some polite excuse, and they smile and thank me for my time and go on their way. (I say "I'm used to them" - what I mean is that I'm relatively used to seeing them strolling from door to door in neighborhoods; they're not hard to pick out with a white oxford shirt, black tie, black pants, and name tag.)

Thursday morning I was at home wishing it would warm up enough to do some outside work, and the doorbell rang. I peered out the front window, black mid-size Chevy sedan parked on the roadside. Any number of possibilities, so I opened the front door to see who was there.

Two early-twenties women, one with a surplus of melanin (what's the proper PC term now?), the other arguably a doppelganger for Mena Suvari circa "American Pie", copies of "The Watchtower" in hand.

They started their spiel (while I performed the intricate balancing act of foot behind door, left hand restraining dog, right hand still hovering near carry piece) and I politely interrupted and declined ... and they thanked me for my time, and went on their way.

Still - when did the Mormons start being sneaky about these things??! Tempting healthy young men with attractive young women? For shame!



Christina LMT said...

JW? Do you mean Jehovah's Witnesses? Or are you talking about the Mormons (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)? Or both...?

Heck, I've had the Mormons at my door several times, and a few of the local churches are always leaving tracts and brochures either on my porch or hanging on my door knob. At least they aren't super-annoying. Like telemarketers.

ZerCool said...

Derp. Good point. I have a habit of using "Jay-Dub" (Jehovah's Witnesses) to describe most any door-to-door proselytizing. I actually am not sure if these young ladies were JW or LDS; I didn't give them the opportunity to tell me. :-)

Anonymous said...

If it was actually the Watchtower, it was Jehovah's Witnesses.

When I invited a pair of proselytizers in to join Staci and me for breakfast one weekend, it seemed to catch them by surprise for a sec, but they recovered and came in the house. Wonder what would've happened had they been distaff spreaders of the Word.

Lokidude said...

If they were LDS, in theory, if an adult woman were in the house, they could accept the breakfast invite, I think. (Never was a missionary, but I'm well versed in the rules for men, and assume they're the same for women.)