Apr 30, 2011

Day 2, mid-way wrap

MrsZ and I decided this morning, after breakfast, to try traffic and go to the show.

I'm glad we did. The drive in was MUCH easier, and while parking wasn't great, it wasn't half as bad as yesterday. (Cheaper, too, with weekend rates.)

Show wandering commenced - many more people, longer lines here and there, and I stuck to the "Upper Level" exhibit hall today. Tomorrow we'll try the main floor.

I waited in line about 15 minutes for a signature from R. Lee Ermey, then wandered off as the line had only moved about ten feet. He was taking time for a few words with everyone who came to him, posing for pictures, and so forth. I respect and appreciate that, but it wasn't worth the wait for me. (Weerd apparently caught him in the men's room; you'll have to ask HIM for that story.)

I moseyed on to the Beretta booth, where they had a simunition/laser range setup with their PX4 Storm pistols. Very nice little piece of equipment, even though I'm not in love with the DA/SA trigger arrangement. They're looking like they're in the mid-$500 range on Gallery of Guns, which is entirely reasonable.

I wandered by Taurus/Rossi's and played with the Ranch Hand - nice little piece of kit, and in .357 that could be a heck of a truck gun. I want one as a matter of course, anyways.


Over by Ruger again and this time I managed to keep my pictures of the SR1911. We'll have to see how it shakes out from real range reports, but I expect it will give the Springer RO a strong run - stainless and US-made is worth a small price premium to a lot of folks. I'm also a fan of the relatively minimal stamping/engraving on the slide. The new Scout Rifle has a wonderful feel to it, and with the right scope (they had a Leupold 1.5-4x on theirs) it's a great all-purpose gun.




Somehow, though, this has turned into a knife show for me. Yesterday I bought the Izula and Stone River knives, and today I picked up a few selections from Ka-Bar.


In the back are the Stone River ceramic kitchen knives, the Big Honkin' Knife is a Ka-Bar Potbelly, the small one to the left of that is a made-in-China "Ka-Bar" knife that came with the Potbelly, the flat black folder is a Ka-Bar Fin, and in front is the ESEE Izula with the ESEE Fire Kit.

And now that MrsZ is about done doing herself up, we're off to gunnie prom!

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elmo iscariot said...

Ultimately didn't get a Silver Stag, then?