May 23, 2011

Barn, sheathing

I spent most of Saturday working on the barn, in hopes of having things done before the chicks are ready to move out. I made a fair bit of progress, given that I was working solo.

I started by getting the last set of gable rafters in place, then figured my overhangs and made the tail cuts and squared those off for 1x6 fascia boards. Gable studs went in quickly, and I framed out the other window. Another three sheets of siding went on, and I started the roof decking.

It's pretty impressive how things get tied together and stiffen up as each successive layer goes on. Floaty joists locked down floppy skids, floor decking stiffened that right up; sloppy walls were squared up with sheating, the whole wall assembly was tied together by the rafters, and the roof deck has made the half that's done essentially immoveable.

Yes, this is my first major ground-up construction project.

If I can get one more good dry day of work, I should be able to finish the siding and roof decking, especially if a second pair of hands is around. The roofing itself should only take me a day; two squares of up-and-over is simple. When that's done, I have to frame out the interior walls and half-walls and then put in the windows and door ... and it's done. Doesn't sound like a lot, and truthfully it isn't; if I can put another 25-30 hours in I should be set.

Gable studs, which replaced the jigs I'd used to hang the ridgepole:

South wall, some 1'x3' lexan sheets will turn into windows here:

Northwest view, with the first sheet of roof decking on:

North wall, second window framed in, roof deck on half, and I called it beer-thirty shortly after taking this:

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