May 3, 2011

Saturday, continued

MrsZ and I left the show early-ish on Saturday so we could head back to our hotel and get cleaned up for Gunnie Prom. After a scenic tour of the Pittsburgh suburbs (no thanks to you, TomTom) we made it to the hotel and got all prettied up. Getting back in to town was easy, parking was easy, then we (I) confused Penn Pl. with Penn Av. and we wandered about eight unnecessary blocks.

We finally found the reception at the Courtyard, just in time for the SAF speech. Unfortunately, the room was packed and hot, and I couldn't hear much of anything standing in the doorway - so I went back out to the small lounge and chattered with JayG et al. After the briefing ended, Alan Gura was answering questions one-on-one, and I did make my way up long enough to shake his hand and thank him for his efforts (Alan Gottlieb had disappeared by then), and kept my fan-boy to the minimum. I did, however, ask him to sign my molon labe hat (from JP556 during the GBC Secret Santa) - and he gladly obliged:


From the SAF reception we meandered over to Lidia's for a reception on the patio, arranged on short notice by NFO, and a hell of a good time. Good food, good bourbon, and great company. Alan Gura and Alan Gottlieb were there, and I hovered on the edge of the conversations they were involved in, but truth be told, most of what they were talking about was over my head. Legal matters are important to me, and I try to follow the key points, but the minutiae of cases just don't interest me.

However, the rest of the conversations were easy and free-flowing, and MrsZ and falnfenix were seen to share a breadstick...


OldNFO had on his best BBQ holster:

Alan is rocking the tactical murse (what excellent taste he has!):

And JayG loves him some tall women (NancyR):

As the reception wound down, several of us walked back to the parking garage we were in together - a nice walk with great people, and comforting having a few extra eyes (and guns) in what was trending towards a less-polite neighborhood.

More in a new post soon...


Old NFO said...

Definitely fun, and I'm truly glad y'all overcame and made it :-)

Heath J said...

Man, good times, that was easily the best blog get together we've seen. So many good folks all in one place.

It's truly sad that the only way to get that many decent, like minded people together is a national event.

That rocked, glad to see y'all again.