May 15, 2011

Tactical Tupperware

I've had various guns come and go through my collection. Rifles, shotguns, pistols ... but none that would generally be called "tactical". Even an AR isn't really tactical when it's a 20" A2. No Kydex holsters. No rails. No tac-lights. Only one with night sights (that really need new tubes).

It's not a particular aversion to the breed, I simply hadn't had the right combination of circumstances cross my path yet.


Gander Mountain had a sale running through yesterday on Smith & Wesson M&P9s and M&P40s. I called the closest store to see if they had any in stock. Only the .40s. I think .40 is a perfectly acceptable cartridge, but 9mm is generally cheaper to shoot, and MrsZ prefers the recoil of 9mm to .40.

I called the next nearest store, and they did have some available. In fact, the person I spoke to (Aaron) said something like, "Yep, we have several!" He confirmed that they did NOT have the external safety, they came with two magazines, etc. I jumped in the truck and headed out for the 80-mile-one-way drive.

I got to the store and found the gun counter (under the gigantic sign that says FIREARMS), and quickly found the M&Ps. .40 ... .45 ... 9mm with a laser ... .40 ... .40 ... 9mm with a laser... Hmm. One of the clerks asked if he could help me, and I asked if they had any M&P9s without the laser, as advertised. He didn't think so, but he'd check. I told him I'd spoken to Aaron earlier and was told they did have them. He grabbed Aaron, who went in back to check inventory. He came back a few minutes later and apologized for making a mistake, but the only M&P9s in stock were the ones with the LaserLyte rear sight laser.

I was not real pleased, to say the least, and asked if they would price match, since the inventory mistake was his. (The non-lasered sale price was $499, the LaserLyte model was stickered at $629.) He bumped me to a mid-level manager who quickly called a higher-up manager, and after a quiet back-and-forth they agreed to price-match the ad since I had driven up on their mistake.


So I now have a pistol with both a rail and a laser. The laser warning sticker has already been peeled off, and the switch is proving finicky - I will probably remove the rear sight laser in favor of some tritium night sights, and consider a light/laser combo for the rail. (I was impressed by the Viridian combo at the show.)

Range report one of these days ... if it ever stops raining.


Major kudos to Gander Mountain for doing right by me.


DaddyBear said...

ooooohhhhh, pretty!

Weer'd Beard said...

Nice gun! My only complaint is stuffing a 10-round box in a grip made for 17.

I'll likely be getting an M&P45 in the near future with plans to build "Project Bear Gun" in .460 Rowland.

Old NFO said...

You are probably the FIRST person I've ever heard that was actually done right by Gander... Enjoy!!!

ZerCool said...

Weerd, I understand that argument. I really do. But the price was pretty good, I've had a hankering for a full-size poly gun for a while, and if I ever relocate to a free state, I'll only have to buy new mags.

NFO - ain't that the truth. I've had some frustrating dealings there before, but this was worth it to me - and they've redeemed a lot of past trouble this time.