May 23, 2011

Dragon Leatherworks

I have to give a plug to Dennis over at Dragon Leatherworks. I mentioned him and his Fugly holster back in March after he sent me a review copy. I never put up a followup post here. Short form: the holster is VERY comfortable, but is not suitable for the PM9.

Dennis and I spent fifteen or twenty minutes chatting about the quibbles I had with the holster at the NRA Convention in Pittsburgh, and I think we both reach the same conclusion - the Fugly and the Kahr just weren't meant to be. The biggest problem was one of size - the Fugly does most of its retention on the forward end of the gun, and there just ain't that much of a "forward" on a subcompact-9. This is not to say that the gun isn't retained - it is - but in order to keep the grip above the belt line for a draw, the trigger guard is exposed more than I'm comfortable with. I found that without much effort (but it did take conscious effort), I could get a finger into the trigger guard while the gun was holstered and manipulate the trigger.

In terms of comfort, however, the Fugly is absolutely unmatched in my experience. The wide backing and large body shield made carry a pleasure, with none of the odd kidney jabs I've come to expect from the current holster I'm using. I will probably be ordering a Fugly for one of my mid-size autos like the 4053 (Dennis, can you mold for that?).

Also on the topic of Dragon Leatherworks - the Talon holster. This is what a holster is meant to be. Dennis provided me (and a few others) with a Talon for the Gunnie Prom, and it is gorgeous. Burgundy sunburst with a python accent/inlay, and it just looked amazing with the park'd 1911 and Ahrends cocobolo grips.

Dragon Leatherworks Party

On prom night, from left to right:
JayG, with a Dragon Flatjack holding a S&W 360.
ZerCool, with a Dragon Talon holding a Springfield 1911A1.
LinkP, with a Dragon Talon holding a 1911A1 (not sure on make - RIA or Springfield?).
WeerdBeard with a Dragon Flatjack holding a S&W 1911Sc.
Dragon himself, with a crossdraw Talon and Magnum Research 1911G.

For comparison sake, go find another holster maker that does a custom leather holster - with exotic inlay - and price it out.

Done that? Probably pushing on towards $200, isn't it?

Dennis will have a Talon with python inlay in your hands for $140 (+s/h).

Can't beat that. Or the warranty:

Dragon Leatherworks warrants its products:

  • Fugly: Five Year Limited to Original Purchaser;
  • Pistol Pouch: Ten Year Limited to Original Purchaser;
  • All other products: Limited Lifetime to Original Purchaser;

to be free from manufacturing defects or material workmanship. Should the riveting, stitching, or hardware of a Dragon Leatherworks holster fail during normal use to the original owner as limited above, the holster can be returned to Dragon Leatherworks to be repaired free of charge. Shipping charges for warranty repairs are the responsibility of Dragon Leatherworks. This warranty does not cover naturally occurring marks, brands, or scars which may be present on its surface; said marks, brands, and scars being part of a natural product such as genuine leather, the type of which is the main component of Dragon Leatherworks holsters.

Lifetime warranty. Custom holster worthy of court or BBQ. Handmade one at a time to your specs.

What's not to like? Why haven't you ordered yet?

Disclaimer: Dennis/Dragon Leatherworks provided both the original Fugly and the above-pictured Talon in exchange for a review. Dennis specifically told me, "If it sucks, say so."

They don't suck. Thanks again, Dennis!


Nancy R. said...

I placed an order just last night. Yay!

Dragon said...


Thanks for the reviews!

Don't have a model for a 4053, and its not available through my dummy suppliers. I'll look around for other sources and get back to you....

Link P said...

I'm kind of late with the comment here, ZerCool, but I must commend your well tuned eye. It is indeed a 1911A1-45FS RIA in my Dragon Talon, both of which I must say I like very much.

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