May 10, 2011

Not enough hours

Does someone have a "pause" button for that thingy on the wall with the numbers?

I worked Day Job 'til 3 yesterday, retrieved MrsZ from her office, stopped at my parents' place on the way home to move some tires (Dad is usually quite capable but is recovering from minor surgery and not moving so well), buzzed home, spent the better part of two hours swearing at the construction while I figured out how to frame in a window (next time, do it before raising the wall), nailed up two sheets of siding (also better done before wall-raising), then threw dinner on the grill.

By the time we'd eaten, cleaned up, and sent my parents on their way home, it was past 9:30 and well into the realm of bedtime.

It was a good day, just not as productive as I'd hoped. I'll be framing in another window tonight and trying to get some more siding on, and need to make a swing through BBHIS to pick up a door.

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