May 24, 2011

LaserLyte - followup

Last week I put down my initial thoughts on the LaserLyte RSL that was mounted on my M&P9. I still haven't been to the range, but I've been doing a bit of draw-and-(dry)fire practice at home. My opinion of it as a great training tool and mediocre defensive tool stands. (The cats, however, LOVE being in the room when I'm doing dry-fire. Go figure.)

That said, I have to give major kudos to the folks at LaserLyte for their handling of the return. I first emailed them last Sunday to start the process, and had a reply from them Monday evening (afternoon for LaserLyte, as they're in Arizona). The rep who answered my email (Nikki) has been my point of contact from that first email, and after a couple email exchanges* she arranged for a new laser - tested in-house - to be shipped to me. No deposit, no returning the current laser first, just, "The new one is on the way, we tested it, please send back the defective one."

I was expecting it would show up in four or five days. I was mistaken. LaserLyte shipped the replacement by 2-day air, and it arrived yesterday. In addition to the replacement laser (in its blister pack, which had been neatly sliced open and then re-taped with a label saying "Personally tested and inspected by Elizabeth") there was a pre-paid mailing envelope to return the defective unit, and a 12-pack of replacement batteries (three complete sets).

I grabbed my 'smithing hammer and brought the slide for the M&P to work with me this morning, and spent about fifteen minutes tapping the old sight out and the new one in. The punch they include is sized perfectly for the job, and anyone with a tiny bit of common sense should be able to handle it.

So - LaserLyte - thumbs up on *excellent* customer service. I will likely be looking at some more of your products for training aids in the future!

(My work schedule combined with the time difference conspired to make these a once-a-day exchanges, and I'm sure this could have been handled in one phone call if I'd chosen to do so. I hate the phone, and I wasn't in a rush. I expect I'd have had the replacement sight last Wednesday or Thursday if I had.)

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Jay G said...

While I'm glad to hear you had a good experience with LaserLyte's customer service, I am not surprised. They're good people there.

Glad to hear things worked out!