Jan 24, 2012

DSL Update, Again

I opened the demarc yesterday afternoon and connected the DSL modem directly to the test jack therein.

Solid stable connection (and 50% faster) than via the house wiring.

Guess I'm re-pulling the line from the demarc to the junction block in the cellar. If I'm careful this won't be too bad - I just have to be sure I have the new wire solidly connected to the old one and pull gently.


Old NFO said...

Then you're probably getting ground shorts in the old wiring... Pull SLOWLY and CAREFULLY! (as you know with old wiring)...

Bubblehead Les. said...

I'd just kill both ends the old wire, yank it out and get a spool of Fish Tape, back feed it through the holes, and hook up the new line. Hate it when a Cable/Power line decides to let go halfway in the wall.