Jan 30, 2012

Running out of time...

Ladies, if you haven't entered the phenomenally generous give-away being run by A Girl, do so now! The cutoff is Friday at midnight...

Here's the prize list, as posted on her site:

$300 toward any reputable basic self defense shooting course in the United States of America-provided by A Girl and Her Gun.

200 rounds of Ammo in either 9mm, 10mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP or .38 spl provided by the very cool ZerCool

100 additional rounds provided by the generous North

150 additional rounds provided by the generous and competitive Tango Juliet

If you are in the Metro Charlotte area of North Carolina a basic pistol class and Conceal Carry Handgun Class or if you are not in the area a $50 gift certificate for gear(ie eyes, ears, range bag) provided by the generous and very competitive Keads

100 Rounds provided by the nicest of nice Scott McCray

250 rounds provided by the incredibly supportive The Calm Gun

200 more rounds by the extremely kind Old NFO

A $50 gift certificate provide by the goddess of all Gun Goddesses

Electric ear muffs and if you live near Northern Virgina, a personal consultant to take you holster shopping or an hour of one-on-one range time provided by talented and knowledgeable Female and Armed

A pistol class for the winner and a friend if she lives in the state of Iowa(or is willing to travel)provided by yet another generous blogger,known as Bill

A fabulous holster provided by the good folks at Remora

An 18th century reproduction, St. Barbara's medallion. She is the patron saint of artillerists, and of things that go "boom". Provided by one of my sweet new friends Nancy R

The package will contain three cans (one of each size we make) of Steelgard Firearm Protector - a cleaner, lubricant and rust prevention product for all types of weapons provide by the fine folks at Firearm Protector

THE GIFT OF FEAR by Gavin de Becker provided by the brave GunDiva

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