Jan 11, 2012


The range I shoot at had their annual membership/organizational meeting this past Saturday. Annual dues are collected, new keys are issued (the locks change annually), and so forth.

I missed the meeting.

It's not an expensive club to join ($60/yr) and the facilities are spartan but functional: 250yd outdoor range, covered firing line, movable benches, and a 50-foot indoor rimfire range.

It needs some TLC (new roof, some glazing, etc), and there had been some talk of doing just that. No word on whether it's going forward or not.

Right now, however, I'm not sure I'm going to re-up. I only got to the range about eight times in the last year, and that's ... criminal. At the same time, if I don't re-join and want to go ... well, I can't.

Hrmph. I don't care for being rangeless.


Bubblehead Les. said...

$60 a Year, $5 a Month, $1.25 a Week. Bro, I'm spending $20 an HOUR to use the 25 YARD Indoor ranges up here! And you get 250 Yards Outside!

Dude, send the check in.

ASM826 said...

I pay $150.00 and there are clean-up days and event participation expectations. I'm with Bubblehead. Send them a check and be thankful you have a range available. Then resolve to get there more often.

mhaithaca said...

Add me to the chorus. Even if you never go once in 2012 (not bloody likely) it's worth the $60 to know that you can.