Jan 17, 2012

Thanks, BobS

Bob knocks this one out of the park.

The walls, much to the neighbors regret, never could contain the Retro Family  Intercom system “HEY KIDS, GET DOWN HERE FOR SUPPER NOW”, “MOM, WHERE ARE MY SHOES”, etc.

Things lately have made me re-evaluate portions of my life, and one thing has become evident: a house is four walls and a roof. A home is made by the people in it.

Mom has a piece of needlepoint framed and hanging on the wall at their house:
"Home is where you hang your heart."



Bob S. said...

Thanks for the link.

Things have been a little chaotic around the house lately and that way of dealing with it.

It is amazing what you can get used to and what you can start to miss.

Just don't tell any of them I said that, eh?

agirlandhergun said...

It's good!

Old NFO said...

Yep, that is a true statement! But it does remind me of a 'funny' needlepoint from years ago on NAS JAX; in the Computer Center there was one hanging over the door that said, "Home is where you hang the cursor."