Jan 9, 2012

Safe staring

If you stare too long into the safe, the safe will soon stare back into you...

Or something like that.

I look at the contents of my safe and for the most part I'm happy with them. I've bought a few that didn't really have a purpose outside "that's kinda neat" and I've sold a few that I wish I hadn't (a Mini-14 and the Remington 572 come to mind), but overall I'm pretty happy with what's in there.

That said, there's a few I'd like to shuffle along for things more interesting to me.

For now, it's the Virginian Dragoon. .44Mag, 7-1/2" barrel, stainless, with box, in pretty good condition. Several of you shot this at the Northeast Blogshoot (Dragon, I'm looking at you). It's an accurate gun, and arguably as strong as a Ruger.

But I'm not looking to sell... no, I want trades. Of particular interest:
- ban-compliant AR uppers (or a pre-ban lower)
- M&P compacts, any caliber except .357Sig
- M&P15-22 (ban compliant)

I'm open to any other suggestions, of course. I'm going to be pretty picky about it because I don't HAVE to move things.

dragoon 001

dragoon 007

dragoon 011


Old NFO said...

Nice pistol :-)

Borepatch said...

This is the best opening line to a blog post that I've ever read.