Jan 22, 2012

No bumper stickers...

Zazzle claims that the previously posted design violates intellectual property rights. (And claims that they were contacted by the holder of said rights. I find the idea of Paramount jumping on it THAT fast to be unlikely.)

I believe it arguably falls under fair use, but it's not a fight I'm going to get into.

Sorry, kids.


Tam said...

This is my sad face.

Tam said...

(Have you tried Cafepress?)

ZerCool said...

Tam - not yet. Maybe tomorrow. I got a headache dealing with it earlier.

Anonymous said...

No way that jumped that fast!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Actually, I think it's whatever God Corp owns Paramount nowadays that may have sent the word down the chain.

But, of course, since it's already out there, they'll be hard pressed to get the thought out of mine and others Brains.

But of course, they are part of that group of Greedy Billionaires who lobbied for SOPA/PIPA in the first place.

Right now, I'd play it safe and drop it, unless you have a Big Corporate Lawyer or Two in your Back Pocket.

But it's still full of "Truthyness." And one could ALWAYS claim that your right to Political Free Speech is being infringed upon.

Next time, put "Occupy" in front of it, and you should be covered.