Jan 4, 2012

Ladies, get trained

AGirlAndHerGun is offering up a chance at free training for the ladies out there.

There are reputable gun schools all over the US and she's willing to kick in $300 towards your tuition. For the price of a comment. How hard is that? Can the deal get any sweeter?


Actually, it can. I'll sweeten it up if she'll agree (and I'll put this offer in comments over there):
I'll throw in 200 rounds of factory ammo in any one of the following calibers:

I'll ship it to the winner in adequate time for the class she chooses to attend. No cash substitution, local laws apply, etc.

Tuition and free ammo. Tough to beat, kids. Go enter.

(Qualifier on the ammo: this will be range-quality FMJ (or lead, if you choose .38) of my choice. If your range/class requires frangible rounds, you're on your own - I'll still send the 200 rounds, but you may not be able to use them for class.)

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