Aug 17, 2012

Deal alert

As I'm sure most of you know, we're well along the path to another rush on AR-pattern rifles and parts. I've been nattering back and forth with Wally about finding pieces, and grabbing what I need here and there.

The Pale Horse is going to need an upper, of course, and I found that Palmetto State Armory has their house brand flat-top uppers (blemished) for $60.
In their words:
Blemished upper receivers may have cosmetic blemishes in the finish (This may include some discoloration) or scratches. Some of these uppers will be T-Marked some will not have any T-Marks. All blemishes will be cosmetic only and will not affect fit or function of the upper. Perfect for a coated receiver project.
Tack on the forward assist kit ($13) and dust cover ($6) and you've got an upper waiting for barrel and bolt for under a hundred bucks shipped. Very tough to beat that price.

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