Aug 30, 2012

Northcoast, look out

Looks like version 3 of Northcoast is happening... and this year, it looks like schedules will align to allow attendance - with MrsZ as well. :-)

Making loose plans already.


Wally said...

Schedule could not be worse.
Looks like someone is looking to start a blogshoot feud !

ZerCool said...

Schedule is fine by me. Blogorado isn't possibly feasible for me, time- or money-wise. Northcoast is an easy day's drive.

pediem said...

Sad faces from those of us who made other commitments, not knowing of the schedules of the blogshoots of the fall!

I'm committed to Las Vegas for a friend's 30th birthday...unless I end up scheduled for surgery on my shoulder. In which case I end up shooting at no blogshoot.

Bubblehead Les. said...

: )!