Aug 7, 2012

Holy smokes

The Eotech riser I was waiting on arrived today (used via Arfcom) and I popped it on MrsZ's rifle. Eotech on top, and off to the range. Unfortunately, the range bag I had with me only had a few boxes of TulAmmo 55gr ... not known for precision.

Not one to be deterred, I put a piece of paper out at 25yd and put three rounds in a magazine. From a front rest, they were 6" left and a hair low. Dialed around the knobs and shot three more. A hair left and good elevation. A few more clicks to the right, and I was knocking the center out of the target (final five shots were into a space the size of my thumbnail).

My range has a steel plate out at 150yd. I put the center dot right on it - and the shot went just over. A little hold-under rewarded me with a solid THWACK on the second shot.

Just for giggles, I put the dot on the 250yd plate and shot the remaining eight rounds in the magazine... Seven good THWACKs.

I loaded up one more magazine of ten (the last ten I had), set up the camera to record, and shot all ten at the 250yd plate. Nine for ten, and the miss was a called miss - my shoulder twitched as I broke the shot. I did film it, but the truth is ... it's boring. It's a fuzzy/grainy shot (max digital zoom) of a white square, interspersed with BOOM(dust)THWACK.

Maybe next time I'll put the camera out near the plate to see what it looks like.

I'll just reiterate, though: crappy ammo, 16" M4-profile chrome-lined barrel, non-floated handguards, unmagnified Eotech 512, front rest only: 9/10 on an 18" steel at 250yd. I am not displeased with these results AT ALL.

Unforunately, this sight is on the DF rifle ... I have to find the scratch to put one on my own!

In all seriousness, I've never really spent time behind decent glass - the Nikons I have are my best scopes (until now). It's worth it.


Old NFO said...

We really need to get you down on some good glass... :-)

ZerCool said...

I remember using your ACOG and being very impressed; I got to peek through another guy's Aimpoint at the range last year... but that's not the same as seeing the end result of a 1MOA dot on a rifle that's capable of shooting.

For the carbine, this is just a perfect fit. When I build a p'dogger, I'll probably splurge for one of the nicer Leupolds.

Wally said...

You just really like shooting that rifle.

Or, you could give up some credit to the super-accurate match grade double throw me down bitchin' lower.


Butch Cassidy said...

Concerned that paint will muck up the texture of the pistol grip or just not get around to painting it, yet?

And you are tempting me to give my Aimpoint one last try on my Benelli.

WV ireconoo 2 Why is there one canoe loaded with ire, let alone two?

ZerCool said...

Wally, I'm not going to lie - I do like shooting that rifle. I'm actually planning to get a matching stock and grip on my carbine, which is otherwise very similar. A better trigger is in order, although it seems to be wearing in to "heavy but tolerable". And yes, I have to give some credit to the bitchin' lower. ;-)

Butch, DuraCoat has a bad habit of not sticking to rubberized surfaces. There are pink ERGO grips out there and one may appear on this rifle at some point, but for the time being she'll have to suffer with black. (Same reason the butt pad isn't painted.)