Aug 30, 2012

Range trip pending

Guns are packed and ready. Ammo is in a bag with magazines. Waiting for Shootin' Dame to arrive so we can head out.

It's going to be a precision-ish day for me. I'm taking the .17HMR (which I haven't shot in a year-plus), the MkII (with bipod), and the DF AR. I'm planning to push the rimfires out to at least 100yd, possibly further for the .17.

Pistols are staying home.

I need to run my eye over the gun safe and make some decisions. Some things (like the .17) just don't get use and would be better-served turned into something I will use. Others (like my .270) are plain old utilitarian guns that don't get much use but I won't give up anyway.

And then there's the Ithaca 37 and Remington 1100. They're both gorgeous guns in their own ways (the Ithaca is showing 50-odd years of life), but neither one gets out much. I'd toyed with the idea of putting the 1100 on the block until I took it out of its sock today.

Not a chance.



Old NFO said...

Nice looking on 1100! :-)

Bubblehead Les. said...

MAYBE if you have a Medical Bill that needs to be paid when you are over the age of 90, but until then...