Aug 13, 2012

Home again

Back in NY with another Northeast Blogshoot over and done.

New toys, old toys, pretty guns, ugly guns, fun targets, good conversations, good cigars, and weather that worked perfectly. Cannon. Full auto. Handgonne. Time chatting with Wally about potential projects.

I never even took my camera out of the car - there was too much going on and I know Jay and Cher were both snapping away.

It's always a good time, wonderful to see old friends, and meet some new ones. The driving, however, is getting old.

The first time I went, I drove up the day before, stayed the night at Castle Frostbite, and headed home after shooting. That was insane and I realized it.

The second year, I drove up the day before, stayed in a motel about 45 minutes from the shoot, and drove home the day after. Much easier.

Last year and this year I carpooled with Bubblehead Les and we stayed in a motel about 40-45 minutes from the shoot (as close as we can really get), driving up the day before and home the day after...

... and I'm wiped out. I'm coming up with about 17-18 hours of seat time in the past three days, with a full day on the range in the middle of it.

We have a family place up on the Maine coast, which isn't CLOSE to the shoot, but it's a whole lot closer than 7+ hours from home... I'm thinking next year I have to make plans to put a few days up there on either side of the shoot.


Wally said...

There's a room here to split your ride to the shoot if you so desire!

Old NFO said...

LOL, y'all just don't "appreciate" distance... Try 28 hours each way, PLUS a weekend of shooting in 7 days!!! :-)

Bubblehead Les. said...

Yeah, Z-man, I hear you. Anyone who has to spend 2 days in a car with Bubblehead Les...

And you KNOW it's bad when I don't want to be in the same car with me! : )

Just a thought. If you get your Business Idea we were discussing off the ground, then I think if you went up to Maine and grabbed Wally, then the costs might be Tax Deductible. Not sure, but I think you could write off the whole weekend as a "Business Expense."

Take Care, Les.