Aug 25, 2012

State Fair

MrsZ and I hit the Great New York State Fair yesterday. We spent the vast majority of the day (six hours or so) wandering the livestock barns and admiring the cows, goats, and llamas... until concert time.

Keith Urban played an excellent show. Phenomenal energy, enthusiastic crowd, and he got the crowd into the show. He took his guitar out into the crowd for a couple songs, brought a few people from the crowd up on stage to sing the chorus from "Kiss A Girl" ... and then towards the end of the night gave his guitar to someone in the crowd. (Talk about an excited fan!)

It was a very long day, but well worth it. My feet still hurt, and I'm trying to decide if the red blotch on my ankle is a rash or a spot I missed sunscreening. :-)

Also, Weerd, they had a poster dedicated to you; I'll be downloading it from the phone and posting it here shortly. ;-)

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