Jan 8, 2012

Light a ... pipe?

I forgot to take a candle picture last night, and I don't know if I'll have a chance to this afternoon. So instead, you'll have to suffer with this one, which I *did* take last night:


Thanks for the idea, Weerd.

(Connemara 12, M&P9, and a pinch of Ashton's "Smooth Sailing". It was a good night.)


Weer'd Beard said...

ATF! Fuck Yeah!

BTW you know they added explosives!

Needs a Cherry Bomb or some tannerite!

Anonymous said...

GDI, ZerCool.

You took my idea before I could get off work.


ZerCool said...

I have to give some credit to Carteach, since he did it first. ;-)

Old NFO said...

Nice :-)

Anonymous said...

a good single malt, quality tobacco, and reliable sidearm will get a man through any trouble life throws his way.

I haven't had a good smoke in a month now, time to pack something full of latakia.