Mar 27, 2012


Carteach0 mentioned that he's hitting an Appleseed next month.

It's been a couple years since I've been to one, having hung up the instructor hat in 2009 after I got sick of the internal politics and growing pains.

However ... the shooting was always fun, the people were generally good, and the instruction was usually helpful. I miss that.

So I am heading south next month, meeting Carteach0, and shooting the Appleseed with him. I'm going incognito - no instructor hat (I'm off the rolls anyway), no patch (I've earned it several times over), and just going to shoot and learn.

I don't remember how many shoots I went to as an shooter and then instructor, but I don't think I ever left one without learning something.

Should be a good time. I'll need to scrub out the Savage and figure out what I'm taking for a backup rifle.

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agirlandhergun said...

Fun!! I was suppose to go this last weekend, but couldn't, so now I am planning to go at the end of April. Can't wait!!