Mar 6, 2012

Sitemeter finds...

Like many of us, I use SiteMeter for a look at visit counts. I'm not sure it's real accurate, but that's ok. It still entertains me to see some of the search terms. (There are a LOT of people trying to figure out how to lay tile, by the by.)

The winner from today:
"38 special double barrel"

That started me down an interesting path. Now, a .357/.38 lever rifle is on my want list, but truth be told, a nice light .357 double barrel carbine would be ... awesome. Even sweeter would be in .357 Maximum, although I suspect the amount of freebore would seriously degrade accuracy with .38s.

Nice walnut, 16.5" side-by-side barrels regulated to POA/POI of 75yd or so ... that'd be a SWEET little all-purpose gun. ( is showing a load for 200gr soft points skipping along at 1660fps from a 10" barrel. Careful loading and another 6" of barrel could probably nudge that to 1800+...)

There is a fellow making them, by the way - starting at $8500.

It's thoughts like this that make me consider the practicalities of gunsmithing...


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Old NFO said...

That is a purty little double rifle!