Mar 1, 2012


Took a crack at re-shaping the face fur today. In the process, I found that my safety razor (a $30 chinese knockoff) was seized up tight. Time to find a new one, I suppose. Any of you fellas use a safety razor and have recommendations on what's good (and not outrageously expensive)?

Right now I'm leaning (strongly) to a Merkur 34.


DaddyBear said...

I really like my Merkur. I feed a diet of inexpensive Israeli blades, and have always gotten a good shave.

Lokidude said...

Can't help you too much. I shave with my late grandfather's Gillette, that has to be at least 10 years older than me. I've heard very good things about Merkur razors, though.

elmo iscariot said...

I've used a Merkur 34 (which I'm pretty sure is the same thing with a slenderer handle) for about twelve years now. It's always done what I need it to do; no complaints here.

It's not ideal for initial Spring debearding, but that's the nature of any razor with a closed guard.

mantic59 said...

The Merkur 34C (AKA "Heavy Duty," "Heavy Classic," or "HD") and the Edwin Jagger DE8x series (DE86, DE89, etc.) are both very popular and well-built. If you're looking for a "twist to open" top like the old Gillettes consider a Parker 92R: heavy-duty, well-built (much better than previous Parker's) and sells for a decent price.

mhaithaca said...

When I'm not using the electric razor, I've been very impressed with the Mach 3, and less so with the Fusion.

Of course, I also sometimes forget all of the above, and ask at the hotel front desk for a freebie. I invariably regret it... once I stop bleeding.

ZerCool said...

Sounds like Merkur is the way to go.

MHA - I liked the shave I got from my Mach3, but the best price I remember paying for blades was about $8 for a 4-pack. Looking at Amazon now it's around $2.30 per blade. I can buy blades for the safety razor for around a dime apiece and the shave quality is leaps and bounds better. Never going back!