Mar 30, 2012

CoBIS is gone!

The governor just signed the state budget into law, and the funding for CoBIS was cut. No more fired-shell-casing requirement for handguns, effective TOMORROW.

For non-New Yorkers, CoBIS is the Computerized Ballistics Identification System. Every single new handgun sold in the state required a fired casing to be submitted to the State Police - with make, model, serial number, etc. Over the past ten or twelve years and 50-million-plus, this has solved precisely ... wait for it ... ZERO crimes.

This is a cause for celebration, and a small step on a long road.

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Dragon said...

Unfortunately, what I think happened here is just the typical Shell Game, my friend. Here's how I see it...

50 million spent over the last 12 years with no crimes solved. The Liberal mindset is one that says *well, it didn't work because we didn't spend enough to MAKE it work, and to get it right. So we need to push harder and better and it'll work NEXT time!*

CoBIS is de-funded, but its still on the books. The *newer better idea* is winding its way through the legislative process. You know it well, being a NYer....Micro Stamping.

My take is this...CoBIS was defunded only so that Cuomo can point to the budget to show that h got closer to balancing it than any of the last 3 or 4 governors. That will form the basis for him to claim that the state can afford to fund the MircoStamping database that will replace the CoBIS database.

MicroStamping legislation will pass the NY Legislature, and Bloomy will get what he wants. Remington, on the other hand, WILL carry through on its promise to relocate to a gun-friendly state. Jose Peralta (the NY State Senator who sponsored the MS bill) is blowing smoke, saying that Remingtons threat is nothing more than bluster, because Remington would NEVER EVER pull out of NY State. He bases this assumption on gun manufacturers not leaving California when Cali passed similarly onerous laws (is there a gun MFR in Cali???)

I think Remington will make good on their promise, and with their move will go over 1,000 excellent paying machine-shop jobs. The twon of Illion will whither and die on the vine when Remington pulls out. Bloomturd will blame the evil gun lobby for the loss of jobs while at the same time claiming that he managed to cleanse NY of guns because he got rid of a gun manufacturer, and now all NYers are safer.

This is Bloomy's plan to make a run for the Governors Mansion, challenging Cuomo in the next NY State elections.