Mar 11, 2012

Deal Alert

In other gun news, I scored a case of 180gr Ranger for a phenomenal price at - and it's worth noting they still have it in individual boxes of 50 for $14.99 for 10 or more, but the actual case-lots are gone. Still, $0.30/round for quality defensive ammo is VERY hard to beat. Hie thee forth and get some if .40 is your thing. (Showing 110 left in stock as of this writing.)

Edit Monday morning: they have sold out of the Rangers, but now have  (still have?) 180gr Federal HST for $170/500. Still a phenomenal price, and if I had some extra money to play I'd be buying a case of those as well.


Old NFO said...

I don't do .40 :-) But thanks for the update!

Peter said...

Zercool, based on your recommendation, I placed a substantial order with them this a.m.. I received a confirmatory e-mail that they'd received my order, but since then I haven't been able to log in to check its progress - the Web site seems to indicate problems of some sort. There's no telephone number provided, either. Any ideas of how to contact them? (Feel free to respond via e-mail - my addy's in my blog profile.)

Many thanks for any light you may be able to shed on the subject.