Mar 29, 2012

Saw this coming

BestBuy to close 50 US stores (CNN)

I used to love BestBuy. I'd buy movies frequently, usually from the 3-for-20 rack or similar.

The last few times I've been in there, though, it's felt like MediaPlay did my sophomore year of college (1999).

That is, emptying out, and trying to fill space to stay relevant. What used to be racks full of CDs and VHS and premium theater equipment was racks full of titles that were one step away from the $0.99 bargain bin and "as seen on TV!" tchotchkes to improve one's home theater experience.

When I can click on my TV and watch literally thousands of movies for eight bucks a month, or download music to an iPod for a buck a song, the appeal of spending $20 on a Blu-Ray disc generally goes away. (Blu-Ray itself contributed to this, although prices are falling quickly now.)

There are still some titles I'll buy on disc - but not as many.

Brick'n'mortar ain't dead, but it's sure not doing well.


mhaithaca said...

I seem to recall ours is one of the more profitable stores in the district, so it's probably not on the chopping block. While I gladly buy from Amazon all the time, I also sometimes love the instant gratification of a store a few miles away.

Old NFO said...