Mar 28, 2012

Damn NY

Brigid put up a review of her Dragon Leatherworks Talon, which is remarkably similar to alllll the others I've read. (It's awesome, go get one.)

"[The Talon is] beautiful enough to serve as an Open Carry accessory even with my best little black pants."

That line, right there, is why I am damning my home state of New Yawk.

Last spring when we all hit the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh (where open carry is legal, and tolerated if not smiled upon), there were several of us rocking Dragon holsters:

Dragon Leatherworks Party

Left-to-right: Jay, me, Link, Weerd, and the Dragon himself. I still have that holster, given to me with the compliments of the creator. It's a beautiful burgundy-to-black burst with a python inlay.

I've since acquired a second Talon, as part of the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraiser done last fall. It's also a burst, natural-to-burgundy, with a sanded stingray skin inlay.


They are ART.

And I can't show them off in New York. It is verging on painful to not use these beautiful holsters regularly.

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Jon said...

There are things I miss about New York, and the gun laws are none of them.