Mar 11, 2012

M&P bleg

Now that I have two M&P's occupying the safe*, someone please educate on which Apex parts I need to clean them up.

The Hard Sear and Striker Block? RAM? I'm presuming I don't want the Duty/Carry spring set, since I don't need a heavier trigger, nor the Competition kit since I don't need lighter. I just want cleaner.

So. Which is it?

* - There is a significant preponderance of S&W metal in my safe. Better than 50%. Interesting.


Alan said...

Get the Apex FSS and the RAM.

That gives you a clean, smooth trigger very much like a good 1911 and a good reset.

Keads said...

What Alan said!

Bubblehead Les. said...

I've shot Kead's M+P last December in W.Va.

I want it's Clone, BAD!