Mar 13, 2012


I grabbed a Roku (XS, the fancy one, because it has the USB port) a few weeks ago. Thus far, I'm still figuring out just what it's useful for.

I was getting Netflix through the PS3; that has continued since the PS3 has a better image quality and perhaps a larger buffer. The Roku has mostly been used to pipe Pandora into the big stereo. I've watched a handful of TED talks, but that's it. I know it can feed me Amazon on Demand and HuluPlus, but I'm not keen to cough up MORE money for entertainment now.

So ... what should I be watching? What (free) content do YOU like?


doubletrouble said...

You have Amazon prime?

ZerCool said...

I don't. I've considered it, but haven't decided to cough up the $80 yet.

Bubblehead Les. said...

We dumped the Directv and went with the Roku a year ago. It feeds our Flat Screen. Then I went Old School and reconnected the Antenna on the Roof. So we turn on the TV portion for local news, weather, etc., then we catch up with all the Old TeeWee Series and Movies that Netflix offers.

There's an App called "Instant Watch Browser" that's a one time buy. It makes looking for stuff a WHOLE lot easier. Like British Comedies? It'll find them. Like ALL the Star Trek Series? It'll find them. Like to see ALL the "Gunsmoke" or 'Rat Patrol" from the 60's? It'll find them. If it can't find it, then Netflix doesn't have the rights to the Series, and you have to go to Hulu or Amazon to feed the Roku. Then you place the whole Series or Movie into the "Que," then kick back and enjoy.

Hope this helps.