Mar 27, 2012

Brass box

When I hit the range, I pick up my brass and dump it all in my range bag*. I don't sort it then, just pick it up. When I get home, it gets dumped in a box. I started sorting some of that box last night. Mostly to get the crimped .223 sorted out, but to make some effort at weeding it out as well. During sorting, I found the following extras:
- two live 12ga sport loads (7-1/2 low brass)
- one dimpled-primer .38spl
- three live rounds of CCI .22

Tumbling this could have proved interesting. I'm still not sure how that light-strike .38 got in there; I'm usually VERY careful about my duds.

Today I dug out my .223 dies and tumbler, and I'll see what I'm missing to start loading that soon.

* - except .22, that goes in the range's community bucket, which gets returned every so often and the money goes back to the range.


doubletrouble said...

By "tumbling", I assume you mean "vibratory" as in a case cleaning machine?

If so, the event would be interesting only if you are easily amused. I cleaned a live bunch of rusty short Russian stuff that way & nobody 'sploded up.

Old NFO said...

Just watch out for cases shot from Glocks...

ZerCool said...

DT: I know that in practice it should be fine. The only one that makes me a little twitchy is the dimpled .38; I need to take that apart tonight and oil the primer.

NFO: I do. When I'm sorting brass, anything with a rectangular pin print goes in the scrap bin.